Located in Spokane, Washington, RÜT is a plant-based bar and kitchen inspired by the seasonal offerings of the Pacific Northwest and a commitment to environmental and individual well-being.

RÜT (pronounced “root”) opened Spring 2019 in Spokane’s South Hill District. The Modern American-style Gastropub features vegan comfort food as well as some healthier vegan options, alongside craft cocktails and a curated beer and wine menu. Founders Justin Oliveri and Josh Lorenzen have been a team since their youth, and they profess a devotion to both the food culture and natural beauty of the area. On their days off the duo can usually be found rock climbing. Their passion and connection is reflected in the restaurant itself, which encourages patrons to stay awhile with its modern, plant-filled interior that features thoughtful lighting, natural textures, and paintings by local artist Hazel Miller. Their mission statement reads:

Through THE appreciation of plants and real food, RÜT is dedicated to the health of THE Earth and all of its inhabitants. WE ARE committed to creating a SAFE, WELCOMING SPACE WhERE progress may take root.

The vision for RÜT is brought to you not only by the owners’ deep friendship and vegan diets, but also their substantial experience in the food industry; after working at Mizuna circa 2011, Lorenzen joined the Bijou Cafe in downtown Portland, eventually becoming their Sous Chef. Meanwhile, Oliveri found success as co-owner of Cascadia Public House, which won “Best New Restaurant of the Year 2017-18” (located in the North Spokane Five Mile neighborhood). At RÜT, Lorenzen plays the role of Executive Chef while Oliveri thrives as Chief Operator. Together they offer an artistic, conscientious, yet approachable vegan dining experience.






901 W. 14th Ave

Spokane, WA 99204


11am - 10pm

Closed Tuesdays

No Reservations